Vikas Dwivedi | Full Stack Developer

Vikas Dwivedi

Full Stack Developer & Web Architect

I have experience in high-load, high-trafficked sites with data/code distributed over several data centres. I deeply understand how important coding standards are and how to write scalable yet easy to update code that will last for a long time. One of my favorite tasks in web development is making a website load faster, allowing it to reap all the benefits therein.

About Me

  1. I have front-end experience in ReactJS, NextJS, Apollo, Graphql, Typescript, Vue.js, Angular, jQuery. I use them on the front-end in a fairly seamless way. It's pretty awesome.
  2. I seek ownership beyond my own work, and look to the product and company as a whole.
  3. I'm self-starter and internally motivated, with a strong desire to be part of a successful team that shares my high standards.
  4. I have great written communication skills and are comfortable with making big decisions over digital presence (e.g. video chat).
  5. I have polyglot experience along several axes (dynamic/static, imperative/functional, lazy/strict, weird/not-weird).
  6. I'm comfortable with modern infrastructure essentials like NodeJS, Prisma, Nexus, GraphQL, AWS, Heroku, Docker, Laravel, Zend, etc. I have passable sysadmin skills.
  7. I'm fluent with Git.
  8. Lastly I want to say, I instrument before optimize. I test before ship. I listen before conclusion.I measure before cut. Twice.

What I do


React JS, Next JS, Apollo, Typescript, Vue.js, Angular, jQuery, HTML5, BootStrap, Material Design.


NodeJS, Express, Nexus, Prisma 2, Laravel 5, Zend 2


MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.


GRAPHQL, REST APIs, Mobile Apps APIs, Third party API integration


Porperty Finder

React, Next JS, Node JS


Vue JS, Laravel


React JS

Quick Insurance

React JS, Laravel

Iservice Realty

Vue JS, Vuetify Material Design, Node JS

Cogneti Games

Vue JS, Vuetify Material Design

Safe Food Handler Certificate

Vue JS, Vuetify Material Design


Laravel, Mysql, Angular, jQuery

Kidsbook Online

Laravel, Mysql, jQuery

Laravel, Mysql, jQuery


Zend 2, Mysql, jQuery


Zend 2, Mysql, jQuery

Express rent

Zend 1, Mysql, jQuery


Core PHP, MYSQL, jQuery


Website Design

Print Assistant


Print Bots




My experience

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